BS! Podcast Indefinite Hiatus

Dear Loyal BS!ers,

Rob here. First, I’d like to apologize for the abrupt absence of our show. I’m sure you have noticed the lack of the BS! Podcast in the last couple weeks and I’m really sorry I couldn’t get an official heads-up to you sooner. I really wanted to give you all one last podcast episode to explain the situation but, for reasons I’m about to outline, that hasn’t been possible.

On the last episode, Mike and I outlined how the show would sound going forward. What we didn’t know is that the plan we had would hit an abrupt roadblock. I had planned to move to Kansas City as soon as my contract with my employer was up at the end of November. Instead of having two months to save and prepare for my move, my employer decided to lay me off on early October. Without any financial support, I pushed my move forward and am now very happily (for the most part) living in Kansas City.

As of today, I’m still unemployed but I am making great strides towards remedying that situation. Without a steady income stream, I’ve had to strip back any non-essentials like internet access. No internet means no Skype, means no recording with Mike, means no Episodes. More than that, it means no means to upload anything I would record. I’ve tried to use the local library system but the speed is still so slow that I can’t complete a simple file transfer.

There is also the issue of having a few real life issues I need to address, namely my employment. I don’t have the free time to dedicate to production of a podcast when I have to hit the pavement looking for a job. My job hunt is going very well and I’m hoping to be working again by the end of the month.


As soon as I get a new job and a couple pay checks under my belt, the internet is the first thing I plan on getting installed. Once that happens, I’ll be back on Skype with Mike recording the BS! Podcast. Luckily, BS! Radio has just syndicated our first show (Misdirected Mark) and it looks like John and Dan are back to bringing you weekly wrestling history lessons (Wrestling Sunday School) so the site isn’t totally dead.

Again, I apologize for keeping everyone in the dark for so long. I really wanted to do this on the podcast, but I’ve had to accept that it’s simply not a possibly for me right now. Rest assured, the BS! Podcast will be back. This is just a bump on the road and I hope you all stick with us during the rough spot.


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