File Submission

Thanks for contributing to the show! We’re always looking for listener feedback and one of the best ways to ensure your voice is heard is to send us your voice. Just record a short audio clip (preferably only a minute or two), save it as an MP3 file, and send it to us.

We require a name and an e-mail address along with your file location. The name is what we’ll use on the show, so if it has a specific pronunciation please include that as well. The e-mail address is in case we need to get ahold of you for some reason, it’ll never be made public.

Obviously, we can’t just let you start uploading whatever you want to our servers. Instead, we ask you host your files and simply provide us with a link to the audio clip. If you don’t have a place already there are tons of services out there that allow hosing; Dropbox, DumpTruck, MediaFire, etc.

Finally, the comment field is up to your discretion. Anything else you want to let us know, throw it in there. It’s totally optional. Don’t worry about it.