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Sometimes John or Dan find another video they forgot to include with an episode. You’ll find them all linked here.

Wrestling Sunday School Extra Credit 1: Daniel Bryan

Wrestling Sunday School Extra Credit 1: Daniel Bryan

Hosts: John & Dan

Sometimes John and Dan have something to talk about that doesn’t fit into the history lessons. When that happens, they give out some Extra Credit. This time John and Dan take a couple minutes to talk about the Daniel Bryan promo prior to Hell in the Cell.

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WSS Extended: Bruiser Brody Behind the Scenes Interview

YouTube Description

This is the info from the original PWT DL but I couldn’t verify the information
[Title] – [Bruiser.Brody.Shoot.Interview.1983.VHSR­ip.XviD]
[Source/Codec] – [VHS/XviD]
[Video] – [512×384 x2 Pass]
[Video Rate] – [3016 kbps]
[Frame Rate] – [29.97 fps]
[Audio] – [128 kbps MP3]
[Running Time] – [25mins]
[Sidenote] – [EVERYONE should grab this piece of wrestling history, this shoot is 24 years old, comment on what YOU were doing when this was filmed heh! and/or your greatest memories of the Bruiser. Brusier states in this shoot that he was 37, he died when he was 42 in 1988.]